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Where is my order shipped from?

All of the orders are shipped from Malaysia.


How to place order?

Please refer here for Purchase Guide. Please always check if you have select the correct currency before shopping at the store. For all local buyers and shipping to Malaysia address please use RM as currency. For international buyers shipment to oversea please select USD as your currency.

Do I need to send my prescription to make purchase from your website?

You do not need to send us prescription however you will need to know your prescription to order lenses. As we put customer safety as priority, we require customer to consult eye doctor or optician for prescription and check if you are suitable to wear circle lenses before making purchase at our store.


My eye vision is perfect. May I know what is my prescription to make purchase?

Perfect vision means prescription 20/20. However in our website you can select power -0.00(plano) as perfect vision.


Is the price quoted for a pair or a piece of lenses?

Yes, our price is quoted for a pair, meaning one item come with two pieces of lenses unless stated otherwise.


Can I choose different prescription for a pair of lenses?

Yes, you can choose different prescription for left and right eyes. But some model may sold in per pair cannot mix so you may consider 1pair for each prescription. Simply refer to cart function when purchasing your order.


How to make a refund?

Sorry all sales are final and non refundable or exchangeable.


Do you provide free contact lens case ?

Yes, we give free standard casing upon each pair purchase in our store. You can also purchase extra cases in Accessories category. Solution is not included in purchase. FOC case is not applicable for bulk order or special discounted price.





What kind of payment method do you accept?

We use Paypal and bank transfer as payment gateway. You can now use credit card to check out by Paypal without having Paypal account. For local buyer we accept payment thru bank transfer.


I do not have credit card , do you accept money order?

PayPal is the only payment gateway we use. We do not accept money order and concealed cash.


Is PayPal secured and safe?

PayPal is a safer, faster, more secure way to pay online – your financial details are never shared. PayPal remember everything for you, safeguarding your bank, credit or debit card details. For more information, please visit




When is the expiry date of the lenses before opened?

You may refer to the product label for expiry date.


When is the life span of contact lenses after bottle opened?

All of the lenses have 1 year life span. However on aaverage usage basis, we strongly suggest not to wear over 3months for hygienic purposes.

Daily basis - change after 1-2 months (or whenever you start to feel discomforts eg. itchy , redness etc)

Weekly basis - change after 3months

Monthly basis - change after 6 months

Above suggestion based on experience it may or may not same for each individual. Estimate usage from 3-6 months. Do not use after 6 months it may increase risk of hurting your eyes. If you still feel not safe always seek advise from your local optometerist for further advise; especially if you are first timer or new user please note that  not everyone is suitable to wear contact lens.


Is your products reliable?

Yes, of course! We work hard to ensure all our products are sourced from responsibly managed suppliers to help safeguard future stocks. Our products has been approved by international certificate such as KFDA - Korea Food & Drug Adminstration, ISO 13485:2003 , CE and medical department by some countries. Our brands are very hot selling in most of the Asians countries and now to Western/Europe countries as well!


Do you sell Toric/Astigmatism lenses?

No we don't at this moment.


Is your lenses authentic?

Yes, we sell 100% authentic lenses only.



Other Questions


Why should I purchase in Pinkydollyshop than other online store?

We simply loves to take photo of the real lenses and show it off in our social media platform :) All the ready stock lenses are showcased in its original photo shoots without too much photoshop. Actual photo of the lens are taken by us and significantly the real deal you will receive. We strongly disagree with other shop which only show you the pretty models, but never show the real stuff. You might not get what you expect from seeing just the appearance of a photoshopped model eye or any other people who are wearing it. All model photos are just for reference it may not look the same on everyone eyes depend on their original eyes color.The lens itself is the true deal that you will be using so we are showing what you are getting later on.


Do you provide wholesale / dropship program?

Yes we do. Min order for wholesale must be 15pairs or above. For drop ship program please contact us for more info.


Why is the bottle I received not labelled under the brand I purchased?

Most of these lenses are OEM brands meaning seller relabel it as their own housebrand products. All of the supplies are authentic and certified by the manufacturer.