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Basic Policy & Requirements:(please read everything carefully thank you)
Basic Requirement before approaching us for the collaboration(at least 1 from below):
1-IG account must be public at least 50k followers OR 
2-An active youtubers with more than 50k views/subscribers OR 
3-Veteran/experienced make up artist whom can provide us good photos that showcast a good caption of the lens.


If you think you meet one of our requirements above kindly contacted us. If we do agreed then follow below steps for further action.

Step 1>> Follow us at instagram.com/pinkydollyshopdotcom/

‌Step 2 >> You will need to deposit the shipping fees USD20.00. After you complete the review we will refund the fees in credit voucher which you may use it at our website.Payment can be send to us at our paypal account pinkydollyshop@gmail.com  or click HERE to pay.
Step 3 >> after u received products from us credit &  tag us at @pinkydollyshopdotcom 
Must put this at the credit post "YOURCODE for 10% contact lens @pinkydollyshopdotcom" ( the code will be assigned after agreement with us for this collab)
We expect a min of 2 photos of each product &  1 video.  Example 2 products = 4photos &  1video.
Very Important !! Photos must be close up focus at the eyes to show clearly of the contact lens you are wearing.

You are abide to below terms & condition:

1- pinkydollyshop reserved the rights to use all photos n video shared as marketing purposes

2- failing to do the review as agreed within 1 month(after received products) may resulted your account reported as fake account. Please inform us if you need more time. If you already have a lot of other company sponsorship please let us know because we may not sponsor to you since most likely you will not be able to do the review for us.

3- This is a fair deal of exchange between us. We sponsored free lens to you n in return you help us promote the products in your social media. Neither any party should request for further compensation etc for this collaboration.
4- Upon agreement for this collaboration you are NOT ALLOW to promote or accept any other contact lens company other than us for at least 6 months.

How we consider for the collaboration ?
Tagged us everytime you posted any new video/pictures into your social media whenever you are wearing one of our sponsored lens,& always mention/credited us in the caption lens get from our shop @pinkydollyshopdotcom

After you done step 1 & 2 please inform us with your Name , Address , Contact Number & Email for the posting details. 

If you think you can meet all the requirements above...Please contact us if you wish to cooperate with us :)

P/S: Normally after we received your request , we will look at your profile & followed you to observed your normal activities. We may consider if we found that you have the potential to help us promote our lens. So sorry that we may not able to reply everyone of you because our mailbox are always flooded with sponsorship enquiries...We will only reply to those which we think that will meet our requirement. We will put more priorioty for those who are very active YOUTUBERS & able to give very good review on contact lenses & also have more than 50K viewers in their YOUTUBE account. We are alo constantly looking for veteran make up artist whom can provide us with good pictures which can showcast the lens in most noteable caption.

Cheers & lots of love....
PinkyDollyShop admin