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Simply use one of the code provided and apply it during checkout. Firstly in order for the code to work properly you may want to check the criteria requirement for each code before applying it.


Code BULK05 criteria will be

1) min at least 5pairs inside your shopping cart

2) all 5pairs must be only from our ready stock collection

See attached image below example of FRIDAY code which only work on every Friday & stock must be from our ready stock collection

List of discount codes



  • min 15pairs order get 40% off (all stock except Sclera)


  • min 30pairs order get 50% off (all stock except Sclera)


  • min 50pairs get 60% off (all stock except Sclera)


From time to time we have different promotion going on check it at Promotion Faq





Important Notes: You must enter the coupon code provided as above in order to get the discount. Subject to change without notice.